Friday, September 19, 2008

Got Milk Bone??

I found a dog biscuit in our bed when I went to make it this morning. We do have two dogs so I guess it may not seem that unusual. Except of course that my two dogs aren't the type to bury things and save them for later. In fact my two dogs treat every piece of food as if they haven't eaten for days and may never eat again. Especially Boomer. If it looks like food, smells like food, was once near a piece of food or was food in a former life he's going to eat it. Or at least attempt to. So to find an uneaten biscuit in bed is a little odd to say the least.

Maybe it's a message from the universe. (Probably not.)
Maybe my husband accidentally dropped it when he gave the dogs a biscuit before bed last night. (Probably.)
Maybe I need to get a life and not take pictures of odd things and blog about them.(Probably not.)

Now That both children are in school and I can actually hear myself think several hours a day, without someone going,
"Mom, can you......"
"Mom, where's my..."
"Mom, I'm hungry..."
"Mom? Mom?Mom?"
You get the picture.
Now I want to blog more and share all these cool things happening in our lives on a regular basis and well, the best thing I could come up with was finding a dog biscuit in bed this morning.
Okay it wasn't the best thing I could come up with. I actually have probably hundreds of pictures of the girls I could have shared but I didn't and I actually get several ideas a week, (a day even) for blog posts. But I don't write them down and get distracted ("Mom can..."), and I forget. So today I chose to babble on about the dog biscuit I found in my bed, cause I am in a random, nonsense kinda mood and I may have had one too many cups of coffee this morning, and because I know my nearest and dearest friends and family will continue to read this post til the end because they love me and because hopefully it made you at least crack a smile.


Dom said...

Your wierd.

Love Domenic

Anonymous said...

okay... I read it till the end and cracked a smile for sure... then I almost fell off my chair laughing when I saw Dom's post ;)

maybe you should cut back on your coffee ;)


Mom/gram said...

I guess stranger things have happen. Remember when Nicky buried the donuts in our bed and in the shower. Didn't know that Dom read your blog.

Jennifer said...

At least it was just a dog bone... could have been a critter from outside...

Lisa said...

You are a serious goof...but I'll admit it made me thank you for the chuckle..I needed it.