Monday, September 22, 2008

Awesome Apples

Today is the first day of fall which is my favorite season of the year. Summer is a close second, but I really love fall. The sights, the sounds, the smells... everything. Another reason I love living in New England is no one has fall like we have fall. The weather has been fall like for about a week and the leaves are beginning to change. I'm hoping because of the rain we will have some great color this year.
One of our fall traditions is of course apple picking. The past couple of years we have done all our apple picking at our favorite orchard-Grammy and Grampy's house! We picked Macs, cortlands, and golden delicious. We even scored a few peaches and pears too! We came home with two huge baskets and I am not sure we will be able to eat them all. I'll be doing a lot of baking these next couple of weeks so feel free to share your favorite apple recipes!


Lisa said...

Send some Cortland apples my way...we have crappy apples in Colorado. And the only fall color we get is yellow from the Aspen Trees. I miss New England foliage.. :o( Take some photos for me!

Jennifer said...

I second lisa... fall is just not the same down here in Maryland. Take lots of pictures so we can feel like we are back in New England, even if it is 80 degrees here

Jennifer said...
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