Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do you ever...?

Do you ever flip through the channels on TV and get sucked into watching one of those infomercials about the newest products you just can't live without? I do. I don't buy anything. At least not for the one easy(or two easy or three..) payment of 19.99 because eventually it will be in stores for about a quarter of the price because that is of course what it is really worth and why they offer to throw in another item at no extra charge!
Most of the time as soon as I change the channel I forget about the product anyway. But sometimes a product keeps popping into my head or more accurately I keep seeing the same damn infomercial and I think, maybe I really do need that product. Such is the case with the Swivel Sweeper.
Now let me start by explaining that I hate to vacuum. It is my most dreaded household chore. I would rather scrub the toilets than vacuum. I am not even sure why I dislike it so much, mostly I guess it is the noise and it's big and heavy and the cord gets wrapped around furniture legs, dog legs, kid legs, my legs... Plus the fact that with two dogs, a cat and two kids you can hardly tell I've vacuumed within minutes. But because of the two dogs, cat and two kids I really need to vacuum everyday and quite honestly I don't. I can't. I won't. You can't make me!(Though my husband has tried.)
But then I saw the infomercial for the swivel sweeper. A battery powered little sweeper for any surface. Cool. No cords, it's light and it only makes a little noise. Surely this would be easier than battling with the vacuum. So when I saw one at target yesterday, I bought it. I was very excited to get it home and try it but I had to wait for the battery to charge for eight hours!
But I couldn't wait for eight hours. I tried it after about three and it worked quite well. I really like it. I tried it again this morning after it was fully charged and so far I am pleased with it. The only down side is that it has a little tray that fills up pretty quickly. I've only been using it for a day so we'll see how it holds up to everyday use as it is made of plastic. I am hoping that a quick run over the carpet daily will keep up with all the pet hair and dirt that gets tracked into the main part of the house on a daily basis and then I'll just have to battle with the big vacuum once a week. I'll let you know how it goes.

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Jennifer said...

I hate to google it since I've never seen the infomercial. (What did we do before we google). I had something similiar like this in college. It worked well for my small dorm room. Hope it works well for your house!