Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Year Older

Today is my 38th birthday and just for fun I thought I would share a baby picture. I think I might have been around a year old in this picture but I don't really know. Maybe mom remembers.
I need to wish a Happy Birthday to my Birthday buddy Lisa too!


Jennifer said...


Is it weird that that picture looks like me at 1 year old???

Hope you had a wonderful day and got to do something just for you!

Mom/gram said...

I don't remember when that picture was taken either,but 1 year old looks about right.

Pink Pixel Princess said...

Wow, thanks for the flashback!
I vaguely remember the day you came home from the hospital... probably more so from my dad moving pics hahahahaha....

and yes I too see the resemablance of Jen in the pic too!

Hope you had a great day!