Tuesday, January 06, 2009


In case you were wondering if you could get pulled over by the police because the back of your car is so dirty they can't read the license plate, the answer is yes.
Not that I would know.
Said officer might have also pull you over because you were going a teeny bit over the speed limit and your license plate is too dirty to read. And said officer might even ask you to get out of the car to show you how dirty your license plate is in case you didn't realize it.
Not that this happened to me or anything.
And if your lucky, said officer will just give you a verbal warning and send you on your way after you promise to wash off the license plate. So I ran my car through the car wash today just to be sure that I wouldn't get stopped again. I mean I just want to be sure that I don't get stopped and I wanted to share that information with you in case you were driving around in a vehicle that is so dirty the license plate is unreadable.
Not that you or I would be seen in a vehicle that dirty because you are so frustrated by the fact that 5 mins after running it through the carwash the car is dirty again so why bother. I live on a dirt road and it is winter time and my car is never going to be clean. In fact I like to think of the dirt as a protective coating that is saving the paint job from all the salt on the roads right now. My husband isn't buying the story and I don't think the police officer would have either, but the moral of this story is keep you need to at least keep your license plate clean if not your
whole car.


Mom/gram said...

I am sorry,but I could not help from laughing about that said person and her dirty car.Never a dull moment in your life,is there?

ColoradoChris said...

I love hypothetical stories...
I was once pulled over for dirt. Shameful...