Sunday, January 04, 2009

Experimental Weekend

The girls got several cool science sets for Christmas to help curb thier curiousity about mixing substances together around the house. (You may remember my post from June entitled Mad scientists or Detroyers of Worlds?) We've spent quite a bit of time this weekend checking them out. The first sent was a Crazy Chemistry by Discovery Kids which was lots of fun. The most popular experiment from this set was insta-snow. This was a powdered polymer substance that you add water too and as the polymer absorbs the water it makes a snow like substance. We added more water and less water to get different effects as well as sticking some in the freezer where it became hard and sleet like as well as adding salt to some which made it melt. If you have any little budding scientists I would definitely reccomend this set.

The second set we used this weekend was called Tasty Science. These were edible concoctions. Very cool! We made grape soda and powdered candy (like pixie stix). We also experemented with litmus paper which the girls thought was very cool. I'd also reccomend this set, especially if your kids like helping in the kitchen they get to learn about about the science behind food!

Both of these set come with plenty of materials to do the experiment several times which is great when their is something they think is really cool.

The third set we checked out was a Crystal growing kit. Though cool, it doesn' hold the girls interest because growing crystal is a long process and they want instant satisfaction. I think they will be excited with the end results though.

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