Monday, January 19, 2009

Becca's Birthday Adventure

Becca's Indiana Jones adventure was Saturday. I am not sure if the kids had more fun participating or I had more fun planning and decorating, but either way everyone had fun.
Here is the entrance to our 'temple of doom' with spiderwebs, spiders and crepe paper vines.
At the bottom of the stairs were stepping stones to spell out the birthday girls name in runes.

Next there was a native to shoot poison darts at, or actually straws with q-tips inside. This was great fun!
Some code to decipher and treasures to find.

These little pyramids contained little egyptian relics that the kids uncovered with a little pick and brush. This turned out to be a little more time consuming than I thought it would and eventually the kids wanted to move on so I just sent them home with everyone.

Here was the final treasure, a box that read "property of Indiana Jones" that contained treat bags for each of the kids. Playing right along with the whole theme the girls came running up the stairs after recovering the treasure insisting that the temple was crumbling behind them!

And then there was of course cake. There was actually a little lever so you can release the boulder, pretty cool., everyone had to have several turns and poor Indy eventually got knocked right off the cake once it was cut.


Mom/gram said...

Very,very clever,Cyndi! Fun was had by all.

ColoradoChris said...

He he, the irony of it all... Idy's been shot at, strangled, attacked by snakes, spiders, ants and natives, nearly incinerated by lava, nuclear bombs and the "Wrath of God" and survived... Only to be done in at a kid's birthday party.
Wicked cool stuff, Cyn. Love the "Shoot the Darts at the Native" game. Too cool. You've outdone yourself this time!

Pink Pixel Princess said...

Everything was so creative and cute... loved it! So whats next for Kenzies birthday? Can't wait to see what you'll comeup for that one ;)

Lisa said...

FUN! Hey, did you notice the birthday card I sent had Happy Birthday in code...what a coincidence.

I wish I was there as always..that looked like a lot of fun and very creative!

Jennifer said...

Looks like everyone had a great time!! I think you've finally upstaged Martha :)