Monday, January 05, 2009

Reality Slap

After a nice long Christmas break with the kids and Dom, we all headed back to our normal routines today. And after a nice long break where we are all so relaxed and refreshed the morning went smoothly,
After our low key and less than action packed vacation( which was very nice). I got a wonderful slap back into reality early this morning. Though I get the girls up with plenty of time to get ready, they dawdle until there is 10 mins left and then rush around to get dressed and brush teeth and hair. This is normal and, as frustrating as it is, no suprises here.

But inevitable during this mad dash something ends up missing like a shoe, a hairbrush, a get the picture. Then I bite my tongue and start muttering to myself under my breath while searching for the lost item. Somehow we do manage to get out the door on time
(or close to it). This morning was no different though the girls weren't missing anything and things went smoothly. until I went to grab my keys and they weren't there. Dom had moved my car and left my keys in his coat pocket. Lucky for me (and him) he didn't wear that coat this morning and after rummaging frantically through the closet and silently swearing my husbands name, I found my keys. And yes, I only have one key for my car so grabbing the spare wasn't an option. Then we get to the car and realized that Becca's booster seat is in Dom's car. Yes, Becca is almost nine but I still put her in a booster most of the time. Those of you who know Becca know that she is very petite(just over 50 pounds) and the booster seat is rated to 80 pounds so I just feel safer having her in the booster. Since the booster seat is rated to 80 pounds there is a good chance she will be sixteen and ask to use the car and I'll say "Okay honey just don't forget your booster seat!"
So needless to say she rode to school without her booster seat and all was well. And the day has continued to progress without incident but thanks for letting me share my little reality slap for the day.
This picture has nothing to do with the post but I like it.


Pink Pixel Princess said...

Glad to read that I wasn't the only one with the reality slap this morning.. just really missing the slower pace of life during the holidays.....

Jennifer said...

my reality slap will come next Monday goes back to work. I'm a little afraid about it. I'm not sure if I will make it through the day all by myself

Mom/gram said...

Our roads were slippery and thought your blog was going say the same and was late getting the girls to school.
Oh the life of a mother!!
Love that picture of the girls,too.