Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Walk in the Woods

Over the weekend we took a little walk out into the woods. It had been awhile since we had walked down to the river, since before the ice storm in fact, and we were curious as to wether there were any down trees or anything that would need to be removed from the trail.
As is often the case when Dom and I suggest a walk to the river the girls put up resistence, once we get them out there we ususally meet with resisitance getting them back. This time was no different at least for Becca. It took a ton of coaxing to get her out there and then she didn't want to come back. And as for Kenzie she really is not a big fan of the cold but in short bursts she does okay. It is a given that she is the first one that wants to come in. But she and Boomer kept us amused in the meantime.
Here Kenzie practices her balancing.

And down she goes, narrowly missing getting run over by Boomer.

Undeterred she continues to climb on the downed tree and gets stuck.

Still stuck. Please notice that is her sisters leg in the lower left and she is offering no assistance just giggling at her. Wonder where she gets that, not that I was standing there giggling and taking pictures. Daddy ultimately came to the rescue.

Becca was very busy gathering sticks and leaves for some great imaginary adventure.

Dom the snow Ninja.

Boomer playing his favorite winter game, steal the mitten.

And here is the famous "I'm freezing" face.

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Mom/gram said...

Kenzie is like her grandmother(me) and does not like the cold weather.At least she does get outside more than I do. Loved the pictures.