Friday, October 02, 2009

Cat Curiosity

I am always amazed at how the cat seems to appear out of thin air everytime I open a can of tuna. How does she know? I think if we had an electric can opener I could understand her hearing that noise but it's just a little hand held and I don't think it makes that much noise, but she just seems to know.

She also has a habit of disappearing when we have company and then reappearing as soon as they are gone. I imagine that has something to do with the noise level of the house. I have in fact, had more than one person remark that they didn't even know we had a cat because they have never seen her. I had a cat growing up that did the exact same thing.

And yeah, the cat gets on the counter, and the table. I don't like it but she didn't do it until we got Boomer who likes to chase her and eat her food. It took her awhile to learn that if she doesn't run he won't chase her. Now she rubs up against him and he just looks confused!

I think she is my favorite cat out of all the cats I've had growing up. She was a stray we adopted from a shelter. They had named her Misty and we decided to keep that as a name. That was after I asked Rebecca, who was two at the time, what she wanted to name the cat. She looked around at the toys on the ground and answered "Bucket!"

I picked her out from a picture online because she had double paws and was only about a year old. She had been brought into the shelter with her litter of kittens. Most of the kittens were quickly adopted except two that were not quite normal. They couldn't walk straight and may have had cerebral palsy. (possibly due to the fact that Misty was so young and may have had an infection while pregnant) They were nicknamed "the bobbles" and I was happy to learn that not long after we adopted Misty they too, found a home.

Anyway she is a such a good cat. She is friendly and gets along well with the kids and the dog. I couldn't ask for a better cat!

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Mom/gram said...

Wow,better then mittens?