Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The same but different??

The girls have decided what they want to be for Halloween and I sat down today to order them online. (What they want to be will remain a secret until I can bribe them into posing for pictures. ) They had chosen some from a catalog I received in the mail so what could be easier? Little did I know it was going to be harder then I thought. I had actually received two catalogs in the mail, one several weeks ago and one about a week ago. At first glance I thought they were the same company. Both had the same special deal on the front.... and both had the same coupons on the back. And the costumes inside were all the same. Though one catalog featured more adult costumes than kids costumes.

So I just grabbed one of the catalogs and went to the website listed and put in my order. Everything was fine until I tried to use the discount code on the back of the other catalog. They looked the same so no biggie, right? Wrong! It wouldn't work! After a little frustration I realized that the web address was not the same for both catalogs and was finally able to get the girls costumes ordered with a discount. I am still a little confused and not completely convinced they are two seperate companies, despite the different websites, and yes the websites did look different but still had the same costumes. I imagine this is some kind of clever marketing tool but to me it was just confusing!

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Jennifer said...

I got those same catalogs. and yes they do look the same, but are different.

And I've been waiting to purchase abby's costume... and now I'm afraid it is too late. I've seen the one I want at target and walmart(big spender here) but not in her size. What is there are run on infant costumes!