Monday, October 05, 2009

Little Artist

Becca has always enjoyed drawing and I would say her skills were normal for her age. That was until this past summer when she spent almost every free moment drawing. She went online and taught herself to draw. And this past week on a trip to the library she took out five books. All about drawing! I think she has improved enormously and I am a proud mom. Her favorite thing to draw is animals, especially dragons but the picture of the horse above is one of my favorites.


Mom/gram said...

Great picture>She is good!Must take after you as you liked to draw too.

KT said...

Wow, what a little talent!! You should be a proud momma!! It's great that she took the initiative to teach herself, too. Way to go Becca, your work is AWESOME!!!!

Lisa said...

That is amazing! O.k. She is growing up too fast..I miss both of them so much!