Monday, October 12, 2009

More Apples

Saturday we headed to my folks house to pick apples for ourselves and for Dom's mom and aunt. This time I got to spend time taking pictures and watch Dom pick most of the apples. I think the girls spent more time running around then picking apples too!

This is the typical "maybe if I make a funny face mom won't take my picture" face. Doesn't work. I just file these under pictures to show future boyfriends.

Tween attitude. We dealt with a lot of that this weekend. I can't wait til she's a teenager...

Notice the ominous clouds in the sky. And how everyone watches daddy do all the work. Becca did hold the basket for a little while. Kenzie learned not to stand directly under the tree or you can get beaned off the head by a falling apple.

This is Dom in the tree before he remembered about the handy dandy picker. He kinda has a look on his face like "how do I get down with my hands full?" The girls were supposed to be waiting to take the apples from him but they kept running away. This may have been because of the random apples that kept falling on their heads...

And Kenzie stretching for the perfect apple.

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KT said...

Haahaaahaaaaa!!! I love the pic (and your intentions with it) of Kenzie. Seems that everyone in the family had a great time...I love coming along on your family adventures through your pix, Cyndi!