Sunday, October 04, 2009

Fun Guy

Okay, bad play on words with the title. It should actually be Fungi, but Fun guy has so much more appeal, right? I think mushrooms are kinda cute and interesting to look at and to photograph especially when you get right down to their level. Plus then don't complain about me taking their picture and that is always a plus in my book. Not that anyone I know would ever complain...
So here are few pictures of some of the mushrooms growing in the yard. No, I do not know what kind they. I attempted looking them up but there are so many kinds of mushrooms that it got a little daunting. Please feel free to tell me what they are if you know!

I do believe that the first picture and this one is called an alcohol inky.

And this one I think would make a perfect little umbrella for a fairy!

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KT said...

Cyndi, your mushrooms are way cooler than the ones growing in our yard! Our look like they are from another planet & are going to give you some creepy disease! Very cool pix!!!